Remember that Bunting?

The bunting I showed you over and over again, in various stages of completion? It took hours for myself and several helpers to cut and sew and iron and attach until it was all done. Then it took hours and lots … Continue reading

Good Eats

I love food. I was talking to a friend today about how good food can be, and what a big role it plays in our society. We talked about the importance of sharing meals, and how fixing a meal for someone is a time honored way of showing love.

The last few weeks have been rough, and I haven’t been feeling well, so I decided to show myself some love with a delicious breakfast this morning. I rarely cook, and especially not breakfast. I’m a ‘Greek yogurt with fruit and granola’ kinda gal most mornings, but I needed a treat. So I made this….


Asparagus and Egg Tart with Goat Cheese. I pretty much followed the recipe found here, although I added some zucchini since I had some in the fridge that needed to be used. The egg makes for a nice filling breakfast.

Speaking of sharing food, it won’t be long before I have enough tomatoes to start sharing with the folks at work. Here is today’s mini harvest.


Tomatoes fresh and sun-warmed from the garden are by far my favorite vegetable. I can eat those puppies like they’re candy.


And by coincidence, my finger nails match!


I have to tell you about my new favorite food related thing. I hate the waste that comes with using saran wrap, foil, and plastic baggies. You use it once, and throw it away (or wash the baggies a few times to re-use them if you’re me). It doesn’t feel good. Enter Bee’s Wrap. A sustainable and reusable alternative, made from fabric coated with a thin layer of beeswax.The warmth of your hands is just enough to mold the fabric and create a seal, either to the rim of a bowl or to itself.


I’ve been eyeing this stuff for a while, and I’m so glad I finally ordered some. I’ve been using it since the day I got it, either in the fridge or in my lunch pail which goes to work with me daily.


One sheet will last for up to a year if regularly rinsed with cold soapy water. The best part might be the yummy beeswax smell. I promise no one has paid me for this rave review. It’s just such a simple, effective, earthy friendly idea.




Do you have a favorite summer recipe? Or something that you make for yourself when you need a little extra love?