A Vintage Christmas…Sorta

I love vintage things, but unless I make some lucky  finds, I can’t usually afford them. I was spoiled with great thrift stores when we were living in Madison. Houston thrift stores leave something to be desired. The ones with … Continue reading

Winter Chill

I’m home today with some nasty crud that I’m trying not to spread around the hospital where I work. It’s just as well really, because it’s nice being tucked up in my cozy house on such a chilly day.  It’s -11° F, but feels like -23°F when you factor in the wind chill, so it’s best to stay inside where the cold cannot sink into your bones, with a mug of tea. This is mug weather. A tea cup just wouldn’t cut it.


Not that I’m complaining! I live in a toasty heated house, and I really only have to go outside twice a day, to and from work. My heart goes out to folks  who don’t have warm houses to go to, and to the farmers who are trying their best to keep their animals warm and fed.  I can hardly fathom what it must have been like to live here before modern heating, and insulation, and fleece sweaters, and gas ovens, and thermal socks. Skelly doesn’t even want to think about it! He stays under his blanket as much as possible, although it slips off during the night when he re-arranges himself and he hasn’t figured out how to put it back on himself yet. That’s my job.


The Christmas decorations have come down now, for the most part. This always makes me a little blue, but I did feel ready this year. Our Christmas tree was beautiful, but much too big for our living room so it feels more spacious with it gone. There’s room to breath, and much more light. Some wintery decorations remain, both mine, and mother nature’s.




Stay warm!

Toasty Pursuits

Winter has most certainly come to Madison, and we’ve been doing our best to stay warm. We had our first sticky snow early Friday morning, and there are still traces on the ground.  It was 9º F when I left the house this morning, and I was very thankful for my incredibly warm, although incredibly unflattering, long puffy coat. I’ve finally got around to filling the bird feeder with seed, and I bought a new suet feeder as well, to help keep my feathered friends well fed and energized. I know they’re used to it, but I feel so bad for the birds in the winter.  

Because of the chilly weather, there has been a lot of this…


And a lot of this…


And Skelly has taken up permanent residence in a sunny spot. We’ve just ordered him a warmer winter coat (a very dignified green plaid number) so that he can still take his long walks that he loves. Despite being an adorable dog, he is extremely un-photogenic. I took about 15 pictures before getting one where he looked a little normal.


And my Christmas Cactus is in bloom! It’s taken a lot of self control to wait until after Thanksgiving to bust out my Christmas decorations.


Stay warm friends!

Ad’s Home!

He’s been in Idaho for 3 1/2 weeks to do field work, but is now home for a short break before heading back again. We’ve been doing fun stuff, but first a quick deck garden tour.





Now to the good stuff. Saturday we went raspberry picking! I voted for blueberries, but Ad loves raspberries and the raspberry farm was closer, so raspberries it was. We made the right choice.





We picked them at Eplegaarden, just outside of Madison. It’s a lovely place. They encourage you to eat while you pick and to fill the pint containers as full as you absolutely can. Ad displayed some excellent raspberry piling skills. Most of these babies went into our tummies unwashed and straight from the bowl when we got home (YAY for no pesticides!). We did manage to save a few for fancier things.

Like this warm brie with honeyed raspberries and almond. You can find the recipe here.



And this yummy raspberry cocktail that we created ourselves!


And today we went to the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison. Free and close by, so an excellent option for our budget-conscious selves.





It’s been a good weekend.

So Many Good Things

My blog posts have been a little infrequent lately, but good things keep happening which has kept me pretty busy! Thankfully, my job has been bumped up from 16 hours a week to full time. The position is still only temporary, but at least I’ll get 40 hours a week doing what I like to do until it ends sometime in September. Along with the hours increase, I also got a raise which doubles my salary. The perks of being an MSW! Which of course brings me to the fact that I graduated a few weeks ago. Now, let the loan pay-off begin.


Check out that sweet Master’s hood…


And I got engaged! That one was a bit of a surprise.



The wedding is two years off, but the planning and purchasing has already begun. Here’s a tiny thrifted taste of what is to come…


My mom is visiting from Pennsylvania for a week, so we’ve been celebrating this excitement together. Our time has been spent thrifting, yard sale-ing (her first time ever!), and relaxing on the back deck.



This sleepy bunny sat in the yard for at least on hour today while we enjoyed our tasty home grown purchases from the farmer’s market. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a rabbit lounge before…




To top it all off, tomorrow I have friends coming to celebrate my birthday. So much goodness, my little heart could just burst! I hope things are going equally as well for all of you.