So Many Good Things

My blog posts have been a little infrequent lately, but good things keep happening which has kept me pretty busy! Thankfully, my job has been bumped up from 16 hours a week to full time. The position is still only temporary, but at least I’ll get 40 hours a week doing what I like to do until it ends sometime in September. Along with the hours increase, I also got a raise which doubles my salary. The perks of being an MSW! Which of course brings me to the fact that I graduated a few weeks ago. Now, let the loan pay-off begin.


Check out that sweet Master’s hood…


And I got engaged! That one was a bit of a surprise.



The wedding is two years off, but the planning and purchasing has already begun. Here’s a tiny thrifted taste of what is to come…


My mom is visiting from Pennsylvania for a week, so we’ve been celebrating this excitement together. Our time has been spent thrifting, yard sale-ing (her first time ever!), and relaxing on the back deck.



This sleepy bunny sat in the yard for at least on hour today while we enjoyed our tasty home grown purchases from the farmer’s market. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a rabbit lounge before…




To top it all off, tomorrow I have friends coming to celebrate my birthday. So much goodness, my little heart could just burst! I hope things are going equally as well for all of you.