Thrifty Therapy

This weekend has been a little emotional because Ad left for his 3 month internship in TX Saturday morning. I’m an emotional person to begin with. I get misty eyed pretty darn easily, and Ad’s departure was no exception. I spent most of the day Saturday in pity party mode, watching copious amounts of Midsomer Murders on Netflix and eating cold pizza in my pajamas. Today I kicked myself into gear, did a bunch of housework, and then hit the thrift stores.

I got these little beauties for next to nothing.  Two cups and saucers, two small snack plates, and two small bowls for $4.00. I don’t know anything about them because there are no markings.


There is some definite wear on the bottoms that indicates use, but there is no crazing on the glaze and the design seems more modern, so I have no idea how old they are. Mid century modern? Or just modern? They are very similar in shape and feeling to some other mid century china that I have, but I’m too much of a novice to be sure. Either way, I needed them.



Some other vintage goodies that I felt I could not do without…


These might be the silliest thing I’ve ever purchased, but I was instantly charmed by them.



They’re stained, and have some small tears, but they’d be perfect for a shabby chic Christmas display paired with some old bottle brush trees.


And last but not least, a minty Vernon Kilns Modern California creamer.  The pictures show it as a light blue, but it’s definitely more of a mint green.


It’s Art Deco, instead of mid-century like most of the other pieces I have, but the color is so perfect that I think it will blend nicely.


Now for the obligatory Skelly pictures…


He spends a good part of the day standing right here, watching people outside. Unfortunately he drips and drools on my little terrarium, so please ignore that dirty glass. It’s impossible to keep it clean, but that’s the window with the best light.


Hope you have a nice week! Skelly and I will be here, ruling the roost.



Mommy’s Lil’ Money Pit

Guess who has Irritable Bowel Syndrome! I’ll give you a hint. It’s not me.

It’s this guy.


He looks so normal, right? We got him last October and since that time he’s had a broken tail, a UTI, a trip to the emergency vet for fluids during a nasty bout of stomach upset, and now this. Maybe we should have stuck with cats.

Apparently Irritable Bowel Syndrome in dogs  is usually caused by anxiety, so we’re taking a natural, two step approach. First, he’s getting dried coconut flakes with each meal. Coconut is a natural anti-inflammatory, so it should help to reduce some of the inflammation going on in his gross inside bits. Second, we’re working on some new training techniques to let him know that we love him and we’re in charge, and there’s no need to be anxious. If that fails, we’ll try drugging him up! He was an anti-anxiety meds after first coming off the track, so maybe he needs those again.

But look at that face…cutest dog alive. Even if he does make my entire house smell like dog fart.

Happy Tail

Skelly got some snuggle time in bed this morning, which he greatly deserved.





The poor pup has “happy tail” which is somewhat common in greyhounds. He got so excited about his full water bowl last week that he broke his tail when he whipped it against the kitchen cupboard with too much force. Because the skin broke, the bandage has to be changed every two to three days and a splint can’t be used. Of course, this makes it a little more difficult for the bones in his tail to heal. In some cases the tail never heals correctly, and a portion has to amputated. Lets hope that’s not the route we have to take! See his little green bandage?