I’ve gotten a bit behind on blogging lately, so I’ll double up this weekend. I’ve had a few requests from people to see more pictures of the house, and I’m happy to share some now that it’s finally coming together.

I’ll show the living room first, since exciting things have been happening there! We had house guests a few weekends ago, Melynn (Ad’s Mom) and Ross. At one point during the visit, Ad and Ross went off to check out a futon frame found on Craigslist. They came back with a couch! Apparently the futon frame was too rickety, but they couldn’t resist a free couch that they found sitting on the curb. The couch was nice and clean, and even smelled good! Yeah, I sniffed it. But there was a problem….after about 20 minutes of struggling it became clear that there was no way that couch was going to fit up the stairs to our second floor apartment. Not to worry! With Ross’s help and rope tying expertise, we hauled the thing up and over our deck (again, on the second story), through the bedroom door, and into the living room.

Ross and Ad, preparing the couch for it’sĀ aerialĀ adventure. This photo was shot from the deck.


Here are some less dramatic pictures of the living room. I love our built in book shelves.

The view from our living room window. Just behind those houses is a lake!

On to the kitchen. There’s not a lot happening here, it’s a pretty big space that I’m having trouble decorating. It’s all so white! I neglected to get a picture of the cupboards and counter top, probably because there were dirty dishes everywhere. But here’s our table and chairs, a $30.00 thrift store find…

A house is not a home until the fridge is fully decorated.

And now to the bedroom. There’s still some work that needs to be done in here. I’d like some nice curtains, not the subpar ones that I made because I was getting tired of not having any. We could also use another rug, a bed side table, and maybe some more throw pillows, but all in good time. First you get to see the dresser, another curbside freebie that we couldn’t have managed w/out Ross’s help. We were on our way somewhere else, when we saw the dresser and pulled over. We loaded it into the car,and since there wasn’t room for the four of us and a dresser, Melynn and Ad took it back to the house while Ross and I waited for them to come back and get us. While we waited, the woman who had put the dresser on the curb came out and gave us the original hardware. She had taken the drawer pulls off off because she was worried the dresser would just end up going to the junk yard, and she didn’t want to see the lovely hardware go there too. It pays to loiter!

Here’s Ross using wood glue and rope to put the dresser back together. It was in a pretty sorry state when we picked it up.

And here you can see the finished product. That giant Boston fern was only $8.00 at the farmers market. A bargain!

And lastly our bed, another Craigslist purchase. It has some beautiful carvings on it, and it must be quit old because it had to be lengthened at one point to fit a standard sized full mattress.

I’ll post some more house photos in the future, maybe when the Christmas decorations are up! It’s taking all my strength to wait until after Thanksgiving for that.


We know that we promised you more pictures of Switzerland, but we’re more excited about our new house right now! Here’s a picture of our mid century mod-70s-garage sale-thrift store style living room. We think it works.

In the photo you can kind of see our newest acquisition, an awesome coffee table. Ad earned it, since he bothered to read to the very last page of the furniture postings on craigslist.

On a cuter and more bizarre note, we have acquired our first house plant. A few blocks away we found a small stand selling plants and seed pods to raise money for sea turtles! Kudos to the parent who is helping their child do this, we think it’s awesome. We put in a buck and selected this bad boy. If you know what it is, please tell us, so that we can love it properly.