A Vintage Christmas…Sorta

I love vintage things, but unless I make some lucky  finds, I can’t usually afford them. I was spoiled with great thrift stores when we were living in Madison. Houston thrift stores leave something to be desired. The ones with … Continue reading

Air Dry Clay Ornaments

I’m heading home to Pennsylvania for Christmas in just 2 weeks time, so the rush to finish up Christmas gifts is here. I needed something small and inexpensive to give to my boss, and one of these air dry clay ornaments was the answer! They’re inexpensive, and really easy.  You can buy air dry clay at craft stores, in various colors. I got a large container for about $12.00.

1. Start by rolling out your clay, no less than 1/4″ thick. If you get them much thinner they have a tendency to curl while they’re drying, and they’ll also break more easily.

2. Now the fun part. Choose something that you want to imprint on your clay. I tried buttons and rubber stamps, but didn’t like either of those. I settled on some doilies, ric-rac, and the netting from a bag of oranges. Whatever your choice, press it on, or lay it on your rolled out clay and give it one or two more swipes with the rolling pin.



3. Now cut!  And poke a hole for stringing.


Looks good, right?


4. Let them dry on a rack for 2-3 days, flipping once or twice a day. Once they’re completely dry, sand down the rough edges until they’re smooth.


5. You could definitely stop here, but I didn’t. I sponged over the raised parts of the ornament with some metallic champagne colored paint, to make them shimmery.


I think I’ll be keeping this one!