Color and a Flying Dog

I’ve been thinking about color a lot lately. I like to decorate with color, which is lucky since I moved into an apartment with an orange accent wall. My crochet creations are usually multi-colored, and I have a pretty colorful wardrobe as well. But lately I’ve been seeing lots of photos online and in magazines of primarily white rooms with colorful accents, and I like those too, especially the rustic white washed hardwood floors. Very Scandinavian. Maybe the next time we move I’ll have to try a white room….

But for now I’ll celebrate the color around me. My deck garden, although not as lush as I always imagine it being, is looking pretty lovely. My cheerful portulaca are thriving.




And so are my tomatoes! This one appears to be a Green Zebra.


I’ve got sunflowers popping up in every pot that the birds and squirrels kindly planted. A few toppled over in the bad storms we’ve been having, so I tied the remaining ones up to bamboo stakes.


And common day lilies in random spots in the back yard, as well as some happy, flowery, weedy things.



And a mulberry tree I think?


Inside I have some funny little red-hatted moss named British Soldier.


Farmer’s market color…



And lots of color in the never ending wedding bunting project. I calculated how much I’ve done so far…..55 feet. Sounds good until I think of the dimensions of the tent (either 30′ by 60′ or 40′ by 40′) and realize that 55 feet won’t get me very far.  I can’t stop now though! I have a vision so I’m sticking with it.


The title promised a flying dog….so here he is.


Have a nice weekend 🙂