Can it be?

Has spring finally come?! I was struck by the variety of bird calls I heard this morning when I took the dog out. He unceremoniously woke me up at 6:30 with a cold wet nose to the face. Not very kind considering it’s the weekend. I’ve checked the weather, and we do still have a few chilly days ahead of us, but they are followed again by warmer whether, and I can smell Spring.


The windows are open, the Easter decorations put out, the crawl space organized and de-cluttered, and the spring quilt is on the bed. Soon I’ll be able to get in some gardening time. And can I just say…..thank God. Really. It always seems like a mini-miracle that spring actually happens, especially after a winter like the bitterly cold one we’ve just had.


I gloriously spent the whole day in my pajamas, which is when I’m most productive. Stretchy pants are a must for crafting. Two of my coworkers are expecting their first babies in May, so I’m frantically trying to finish some gifts on time. I love the colors of this baby blanket. The pattern is from Attic24, a classic.



And I churned out some more wedding bunting! 96 little triangles so far, and many hundreds to go. The wedding is not until June 2015 though, so I’ve got plenty of time. Our reception will be held under a big white tent, and I’m imagining colorful fabric bunting draping back and forth from the tent frame to create a fluttery ceiling.



The dog has tried to get in on the crafting action too. You can see that his tail is still bandaged. We believe the  bone has probably healed at this point, but there is still some swelling and tender spots of skin so we’re leaving it wrapped to avoid having the wound reopen when it’s knocked about. We did take the bandage off for an  hour today,  so that the skin could get some air, and we’ll continue to do that until the bandage comes off for good. Baby steps!



Skelly is very happy it’s spring. Hope it’s warming up where you are!

An Easter Walk

After digging through our Easter baskets this morning and munching on some chocolate, we went for a walk in the sun. The weather has finally improved here, and we’re getting some spring temperatures. The lake is still frozen over, but I think that will soon change.


We passed lots of flowers pushing through the dirt.


We are lucky to live where we do. Our neighborhood is quite, pretty, and full of friendly people. In the summer and fall there are always boxes on the curb full of free fresh veggies. Today we found a table full of free seeds! I picked out sunflowers, morning glories, oregano, and marjoram. Apparently I’m not very good at growing seeds, since almost all of the ones I started a few weeks ago have succumbed to damping-off, but I’m determined to keep trying. I think I just need to spend money on some good sterilized growing mixture. Maybe next weekend.

IMG_8351 IMG_8350

We ended up at Olbrich Botanical Gardens and Conservatory. It’s only 2 miles from our house, but for some reason we hadn’t gotten there yet. The soggy ground kept us out of the gardens, but the chirping birds called to us from the conservatory! I’m considering places where I could volunteer once I graduate, and this one is now pretty high on my list.

IMG_8402 IMG_8356 IMG_8357 IMG_8358 IMG_8360 IMG_8367 IMG_8370 IMG_8372 IMG_8374 IMG_8375 IMG_8384 IMG_8387 IMG_8389 IMG_8399

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it, and Happy Spring to those who don’t!




Perfecting the French Knot

I know they’re not very complicated, but I’ve always struggled to embroider a french knot. That is until I discovered this You Tube video this afternoon. She makes it so easy.

I put my new knot skills to work, and whipped up a tiny embroidery! Grape hyacinths are one of my favorite signs of spring.  It’s now for sale in my Etsy shop.


Look at those knots!


Is it Spring yet?

Can you tell that I’m longing for spring? I’ve spent the weekend flipping through seed catalogs and working on some more Bloom Brooches for my Etsy shop. I should have been tidying the house, since I still haven’t put away half of the things I got for Christmas, but making these has been way more fun.




In my defense, I’ve been making some seasonally appropriate things too, in the form of these frilly fingerless gloves…