Remember that Bunting?

The bunting I showed you over and over again, in various stages of completion? It took hours for myself and several helpers to cut and sew and iron and attach until it was all done. ThenĀ it took hours and lots … Continue reading

Wedding Work

For the last few days, I’ve been in the mood to work on wedding projects. When these moods strike I must act, because there is so much to do! I still have 7 1/2 months before the big day, but that doesn’t feel like very long and there are so many things happening before that time.

The thrift store has been my best friend. I’m continuing to pick up cheap plates, with the goal of having a large and small vintage floral plate for each guest to use. At the last count, we were quite close!




I also scored pretty big in the fabric department at my last trip to the thrift store. I got just over 10 yards of colorful vintage fabrics for $11.35. Such a steal!




Now comes the hard work of cutting and sewing all of that fabric into bunting. The colorful bunting for inside the reception tent has been a work in progress for almost a year now. I’ve got others helping with this project, so I’ve no doubt that I’ll end up with enough bunting to create the colorful, fluttery effect that I’m envisioning.


I promise I don’t paint my nails to match my craft projects. It just keeps happening!


And lastly, the doily collection continues. These will be gently stitched together at places to create table runners, which will lay over beige table cloths. I love the varying colors of doilies, from bright white, to ivory, to ecru.




That’s 5 inches of doily right there! Yeah…I measured. These have been a lot harder to come by than I thought they would be, at least for a price that I could afford. I actually didn’t find most of these myself. Thankfully, I’ve had several family members who’ve been on the look out for them.


As you can see, Skelly has been of no help.


Now, back to the sewing machine!